Wasp Motorcycles Ltd

50 Years

Manufacturing motorcycle frames and forks.

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RT4 Trials Solo

The first trials solo from Wasp. First made in 1963, the RT4 was in production for around 10 years.

First ridden in competition by the likes of Arthur Headland, and Geoff Chandler with 2 stroke engines. And later by a host of riders including George Greenland using such engines as the 500 unit Triumph.

The RT4 is now back in production, providing a very lightweight frame kit for a variety of engines. Eligible for the pre 65 & 74 trials class.

The frames are made from high quality british made tubing, bronze welded and bright nickel plated.

Kit weight:

Fiberglass is available in a large range of plain and metalic colours.

Seats are upholstered in black as standard with bespoke upholstery available.