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50 Years

Manufacturing motorcycle frames and forks.

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RT3 Solo

Following Rob’s original RT1 grass track outfit and the first RT2 sidecar outfits, one for Rob for grass track and one for motorcross rider Mike Guilford. The RT3 was the first real production kit built by Rhind-tutt Motorcycles. Designed and built by Rob Rhind-tutt with bodywork created by Ken Marsh, the RT3 entered the solo scrambling scene.

With this bike was born the name “Wasp”

Although at a glance it’s appearance is similar to the “Metisse” created by Derek and Don Rickman, without it’s pretty fibreglass it’s clearly not a copy.

Ridden by some great rider’s,  Rob Jordan, Ken Messenger, Frank Underwood, I could go on. The RT3 entered the world scrambling scene with some success. It was also used as a road racer and has been made into some nice street bikes.

The frames are made from hi quality british made tubing, bronze welded and bright nickel plated.

Kit weight:

Large capacity fuel tank available.

Fiberglass is available in a large range of plain and metalic colours.

Seats are upholstered in black as standard with bespoke upholstery available.

Ken Messenger