Wasp Motorcycles Ltd

50 Years

Manufacturing motorcycle frames and forks.

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Leading Link Forks

Wasp Motorcycles have been making leading link forks for road going three wheeled machines for over 30 years. Developed from our racing heritage we have produced fork kits for over 120 models of motorcycles. From the humble BMW R80 to the extremes of the Hyabusa and Blackbird.  

Why have leading links? Ask around, the UK has a long history of sidecar use. Stretching back over 100 years. More recently trike’s have become more popular, and what they both have in common? Three wheels.

When a third wheel is added to a motorcycle its steering requirements change considerably. The geometry of the original solo forks are suddenly rendered incorrect. Whilst still useable, steering is very heavy and becomes increasingly heavy as the speed of the machine is increased.

Leading links correct the geometry and is by comparison, like fitting power steering!

Wasp leading link forks also use a floating calliper arrangement reducing front end dive and ensuring stable handling under braking.

Our leading link kits can be manufactured for use with original fitment wheel, brakes and tyres, or to suit your own choice of wheel and tyre, discs and callipers. Alternatively, we can manufacture split rim wheels and hubs to suit. As standard our forks are finished in satin black powder coating and zinc plated fittings. Other finishes are available with the option to upgrade to stainless steel fittings. Adjustable trail is also available.

A fork fitting service is available.

Sub frames and sidecar fitting

Sub frames are available for the BMW K series and some early three and four cylinder Hinkley Triumphs. These sub frames are universal so will accept left or right hand sidecars.

A sidecar fitting service is available, we’ll fit your sidecar to your motorcycle manufacturing fittings to suit.